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a bit about me:

I pride myself in creating unique, one-of-a-kind custom sets of press-on nails. My portfolio showcases previously customized designs. My creativity is limitless- your idea could become a beautiful luxury set of re-usable press-on nails for any occasion.

Shop Luxa Products

A majority of my products are by Luxa Polish - they have completely changed the game for me. The quality of their products are completely off the charts and affordable. They offer prep + finish coats, polishes, art, tools and a Luxa loyalty program for everyone - professionals can submit their license to get access to better perks!

Level up your game whether you are a professionally licensed nail technician or someone who just wants pretty nails. 

Use my personal code to get 15% off your first order!


If you know what you are going to order:

Step 1 - Go to my "Client Resources" tab

Step 2 - Select "Lengths & Shapes" and decide what shape and how long you want your custom nails to be

Step 3 - Select "Polish Colors" and select your color(s) for your custom design

Step 4 - Go to my "Contact" page and fill in the order submission form with all of your custom choices, as well as any themes, ideas, or inspirations

Step 5 - I will reach out and we can begin the journey to your new set of custom nails!

​​​If you are unsure what color(s), sizes, and shapes you want:

Step 1 - Fill out a general questions contact form (don't worry about color(s), sizing, or shape) with any themes, ideas, or inspirations you may have

Step 2 - I will reach out to you and then we can begin the adventure of creating your new custom set of nails

Terms of Use

Due to the nature of the product, being a completely custom set of press-on nails, there is a period of time in which decisions and communications need to be made. Purchasing from me implies that you are aware of the timeline communicated to you and if you do not communicate within that timely manner, you are forfeiting your payment towards the nails.

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