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From My Clients...

"She's a perfectionist in THE BEST WAY! She will make sure you leave with exactly what you want. She doesn't settle for anything less! I've been to other nail salons and she knows more about nails in general and specifically what my nails need currently and in the long term than anyone I've ever been in conversation with. I can go on and on but long story short - I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!!" - Rylee 

"Cheryl is a very creative and talented nail artist. She goes above and beyond to satisfy her clients while producing phenomenal work. Throughout all the years that I have known her, her ability to adapt and incorporate new styles and trends into her work is what separates her from the rest." - Devyn

"Cheryl's knowledge base of nails is unbelievable. Cheryl knows her stuff and communicates that with you , So you know what to expect. I had Cheryl Do a statue of liberty Nail art. She had never done one before and it came out fabulous. And she did it free hand. Cheryl's follow through is great too. She gives really good instructions on how to care for your nails. " - Ria

"Cheryl, you will have no problem with this new task you will be taking on. This is perfect for you, knowing all the knowledge you have about little old finger nails. You do beautiful work & you care" - Joanne


- Misty Hansen


- Jenna Jerkins

"I feel fortunate to have discovered Cheryl's professional nail service. She is very knowledgeable about nail care and therefore conscientious about protecting nails. Having a healthy nail bed is the most important thing about taking care of my nails, so I wouldn't trust them with anyone else. Good luck Cheryl!" - Elizabeth

Cheryl is the best nail technician and artist around. What sets Cheryl apart from others is that she uses techniques to avoid damaging your natural nail. There is no drilling, or using electric tools! Cheryl is also extremely thorough and knowledgeable. She will explain the process as well as teach you about healthy nail growth. Avoid going to the other nail salons every week! I personally see Cheryl every three weeks and that speaks volumes. My nails are getting stronger and healthier. as a bonus, her talent for nail art will impress you and make you admire the beauty she has created. Please set up an appointment and see all that Cheryl has to offer. You truly won’t be disappointed! - Amanda

"Cheryl is amazing woman and beauty consultant/ professional. I always leave our appointments feeling so cared for and beautiful!!! She pays attention to the details, continues to research the latest and healthiest products, and is always expanding her skill set. What more could we ask for. She goes above and beyond." - Meg

"Cheryl has been doing my nails every 3 weeks, on average, for 5 years now. The quality of her work is second to none. Example- when the lockdown started in March of 2020, I couldn't see her for a while. I went from March 11th until June 3rd, without a fill. Because of the quality of her work, with a little filing, buffing, and polishing on my part, my nails held up. No lifting or chipping at all. I've also had her do some artwork on my nails and her talent for that is awesome. So intricate and beautiful. I wouldn't trust my nails to anyone else." - Karen

"I don't know if i've ever showed you these but these were my birthday nails two years ago and now I look down at my nails this year and thank god I found you!!" - Shawnia


"If you would like beautiful nails, you must go see Cheryl! She is a nail artist, her tools and supplies are immaculate, and her business skills are so professional. You won't be disappointed!" - Belinda


"Thank you for my nails. They have been amazing! No more picking. I wish I had done this sooner." - Christine

"Just so you know... I friggin love my nails! Especially my shamrocks!!!! Thank You!" - Cheryl Arpey


"I got so many compliments on my nails when I was in the Virgin Islands, they were so beautiful." - Hayley Stone


"I love my nails thank you!! My friend thought they were tips. I just truly appreciate your flexibility and kindness and attention to detail." - Kristin Ploof

"Ohhh yes they fit perfect! I'll send you some pictures when I get them back from photographer. Couldn't have been any better." - Lea-Ann

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