Our Story

Well here I am, writing a blog. Classic! I am a female with a degree in Journalism, so obviously I have to write one. That isn’t the case with me. I feel I have a lot of specialized advice to offer women going through the military with their spouse. I met my husband in Oklahoma City, OK in May of 2017 on a Sunday. He was working at a gym in a part of town I hardly ever went to. I walked in, and I saw him at the front desk, and he was so kind. He was friendly, was nice looking, and he seemed to genuinely care about why I was at the gym that day. I thought about him the whole time I was working out because he was different. He treated me with respect, he looked at me like I was his equal, and I couldn’t help but be interested in who this man was. When I was about to leave, I stopped to talk to him because I could tell he was respecting my space and my time at they gym. I told him what my name was and we talked about where we were from and what we were studying in school. I had to say goodbye because I had class early the next morning, but I was sad because I had felt a connection with someone unlike any I had ever felt, and I figured I would never see him again. I went to the gym all the next week, looking for him, but he wasn’t there. I started to give up hope as the days went on, but on Thursday I got the courage to ask who was working the next day, and the person they described was him, so I planned to come in one more time on Friday. I came in late on Friday night, and I couldn’t see him. I was completely devastated. I didn’t see anyone working there. I went and browsed around and finally saw the other man who had been working with him, and luckily, that man had told me Seyron would be right back. I was SO happy. I sat and waited for my friend to finish tanning, and in he walked. When we made eye contact, I had never seen a smile so big. That’s when I knew, he was looking for me, too. I wanted to cry because I had almost given up on him, but he hadn’t given up on me. He immediately asked me for my number and set up a date with me for the next night. I was overjoyed. We went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean, but I couldn’t tell you what it was about. I had never spoken with someone so much about real subject matters. He didn’t ask me about what I liked or not, he asked me about how I grew up, how my heart had been broken and what my dream were in life. He told me he already loved me, and I know that sounds very corny, but I believed him. I felt an immediate connection with him. To this day, he is my other half, I do not feel whole unless I am with him or talking to him. I have never felt so loved and respected by a man in my whole life. I have always felt scared in the presence of men due to my past, but he always goes out of his way to make me safe, he goes out of his way to provide for me, and he lives to make sure I am secure and that I feel loved. I believe he is this way because he left where he came from, and he joined the military and took those lessons and mess ups and turned them into character building. Not one person is perfect, but he is perfect for me, and I cannot wait to share the beginning of our new journey as he switches from being an Operations Specialist to becoming a Navy Recruiter, and I start my journey in the corporate world. I’m glad you are along for the ride.