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Nails are Jewels Not Tools!

I pride myself in creating unique, one-of-a-kind custom sets of press-on nails. My portfolio showcases previously customized designs. My creativity is limitless- your idea could become a beautiful luxury set of re-usable press-on nails for any occasion!

10 Reasons Why You Need Press-Ons

What many beauty lovers don’t realize is just how versatile, sustainable, flexible, and customizable press-ons can be. Looking at all the benefits, we think you’ll agree that press-on nails are a game-changer for any beauty lover. Not only are they affordable, easy-to-use, and incredibly versatile, they’re also super fun and fashionable. 

• Convenient - Have an event and want something that's easily put on and removed? Work in an environment that doesn't work well with nails, but want something fun for the weekend? Have a young member of the family that wants something professionally done, but is too young? Press-ons are for you.

• Perfect Gift - Enjoy the convenience of ordering sets that can be sent ANYwhere in the USA/CA

• Achieve instant length - No need to grow your nails or opt for acrylic extensions that need upkeep or are hard to remove. With press-on nails, all you have to do is choose one perfectly-filed set, apply, and enjoy natural-looking nails right away. 

• Save money - They’re much cheaper than getting your nails done at a salon and are interchangeable and reusable.

• Save time - No more commuting to appointments, or waiting until your favorite nail stylist can fit you in. At-home manicures can be messy, requiring many coats of polish and for you to start over in the event that you make a mistake. Press-on nails are Pre-painted, styled and are practically error-proof. With press-ons, you only have to set aside 15-30 minutes (no drying time needed!) and you’ll have nails that look just as good in a fraction of the time.

• Durability - My high-quality sets allow for longer last, correct fit and are 7 free, vegan and cruelty free. Press-on, fake, or faux nails had a reputation for being easier to break or lose, but this is no longer the case. New innovations in beauty technology are changing the game. These are designed to endure up to 2 or more weeks and are chip-proof.

• Experiment - Press-on nails give you the flexibility to change up your nail color, shape, style or art any time you are ready for something new. You can try out different styles and looks without commitment – if you don’t like them, simply take them off! Mix and Match for even more fun!

• Healthier - They’re a great option if you have allergies or sensitivities to chemicals used in nail salons. Much easier to remove, there's no need for acetone or aggressive filing techniques that can damage nails and skin.

• Custom - I hand paint all my nails and designs. You can get any color, style, shape or art imaginable, so YOU can create the perfect set for YOU.  It's now easier than ever to get your perfect fit with a sizing kit or 24 piece sets. You can also use the nail file provided in each kit to easily make any needed adjustments.

• Sustainable - Rather than having to toss your nails and packaging after a few weeks of wear, press-on nails are designed to be removed, stored and then worn again as much, and as often, as you like. Over time, this will not only save you money but will help reduce waste as well.

A majority of my products are by Luxa Polish - they have completely changed the game for me. The quality of Luxas products are completely off the charts and affordable. Luxa offers prep + finish coats, polishes, art, tools and a Luxa loyalty program for everyone - professionals can submit their license to get access to better perks! Click here to get 15% off a luxa order!

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