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Introducing a brand new way to get custom press on nails: a subscription service! Choose your duration, what type of sets you want, and get a monthly supply, plus one free 20-minute call with the creator to ensure that your nails are entirely personalized to you!


Why get a subscription plan?

How it Works:


Fill out Survey

First, fill out a preference survey telling us what lengths, colors, shapes, designs, etc you like and letting us know how long you want to subscribe for. We offer 3, 6, and 12 month options! You will have the chance to redo this survey every month of your subscription plan, so if your preferences change across months, we will adapt and make sure every set you receive is perfect!


Email Follow Up

Once your survey is complete, you will get an email from us confirming your preferences and further discussing how your nails will be customized. You will also be quoted a price at this stage. If you chose to add any enhancements or nail art, the additional costs will be communicated to you at this stage. If you want to chat with us further, a free, one-time, 20-minute customization call with the designer is included with every subscription plan purchase!


Payment and Shipping

After the details of your customized nails are finalized, you will be sent a link to pay through Venmo or PayPal. Your first payment will cover the baseline cost of the subscription plan and any enhancements you chose for your first set. If you  you decide to upgrade and add enhancements in future months, additional payments will be required to process the upgrade. Afterwards, we will begin working on your personalized nails and you can expect to receive your sets during the second week of each month!*

*Please keep in mind that the timing of when you receive your set will depend on how quickly you respond to email communications and how quickly you are able to provide a payment for your plan.

Baseline Pricing...

Here are the baseline prices for different lengths of subscription plans, assuming custom nail shapes, lengths, and colors, but no art. These prices include one 12-piece nail set every month. Final pricing will ultimately depend on the amount and type of nail art you want, which is why we have you fill out a preference survey before we provide a final quote.

3 months: $86 (5% savings compared to purchasing individual sets)

6 months: $162 (10% savings compared to purchasing individual sets)

12 months: $306 (15% savings compared to purchasing individual sets)

How to Pay

We accept payment through both PayPal and Venmo!

Note that we will not start creating your nail set until the payment is received.

Venmo: @cher_802

PayPal: @Cher802VT

Get Started Here

Click below to fill out the preference survey and sign up for a subscription plan!

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